Sales Hub Implementation

The only sustainable means of competitive differentiation is exceptional customer experiences.

Sales Hub is a sophisticated and easy-to-use sales CRM that incorporates sales interaction functionality, configure-price-quote (CPQ) capability, and strong sales analytics for expanding teams.

Go Inbound is your valuable partner in achieving the greatest value of Sales Hub, from initial setup to continuous improvement.


Sales Hub Implementation

What is Sales Hub?

Sales Hub is your rocket for sales success, helping you lift off, navigate the sales universe, and reach new heights in your business endeavours. It's the booster your sales team needs to accelerate and achieve their goals.

Your team can reach for the stars with Sales Hub, creating ambitious sales objectives and plans to achieve exceptional outcomes in terms of revenue and customer happiness.

Sales Hub is your sales success launchpad. It gives your sales staff the boost they need to get off the ground and fly to new heights in a competitive marketplace. We understand the importance of your business and implement it according to your needs.

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How We Approach Sales Hub Implementation

Beginning the Sales Hub implementation process is similar to preparing for a trip to explore new sales frontiers. We provide solutions to assist sales teams of all sizes in improving their sales processes, increasing productivity, and improving client engagement.

01 Sales Vision Clarity

Paint a clear picture of your sales aspirations and expectations, weaving them into the broader canvas of business objectives to steer your strategy with a purposeful aim.

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Sales KPI Definition
  • Forecasting Insights
  • Smarter Sequences

02 Data Transition

Glide through the transfer of existing sales data into HubSpot, ensuring a transition as smooth and preserving customer interactions.

  • Comprehensive Data Audit
  • Mapping and Integrating Strategies
  • Data Validation Protocols
  • Real-time Transition Monitoring

03 Customization

Fit the unique contours of your sales team's needs, shaping  pipelines, automations, and communication workflows for a sales process that's not just efficient but precise too.

  • Custom properties
  • Custom objects
  • Associations
  • Funnel stages

04 Team Empowerment

Infuse your sales team with a comprehensive understanding of HubSpot Sales Hub features, empowering them to wield the platform with skill for effective lead management and conversions.

  • Training Excellence
  • Skill Development Initiatives
  • Engagement Strategies
  • Support Mechanisms

05 CRM Integration

Integrate Sales Hub seamlessly into your CRM system, creating a panoramic view of customer interactions that tunes with a holistic approach to sales and relationship management.

  • Holistic Data Consolidation
  • Cross-functional Collaboration
  • Customer Insights
  • Unified Communication Channels

06 Automation

It allows you to set up rules and workflows that trigger actions automatically based on certain conditions with automation tools in HubSpot to streamlined tasks, and deliver an experience that's as dynamic.

  • Sales funnel conversion analysis
  • Sales activity
  • Lead response time
  • Custom reporting

07 Performance Review

A dynamic feedback loop that regularly fine-tunes sales metrics, identifies improvement areas, and optimizes strategies for a continuous journey towards success.

  • ERP or Payments Platform
  • Feedback-driven Improvements
  • Agile Adaptations
  • Feedback-driven Improvements
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