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Marketing Hun Implementation

What is Marketing Hub?

HubSpot's Marketing Hub provides comprehensive automation in both the inbound marketing platform and the customer relationship management platform (CRM) for an easy flow.

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is the single most important piece of technology that helps you catch your audience's mind and heart. When it’s built in the right way and maintained, we rise like rockets and achieve our goal effortlessly.

With a flick of our magic wand, we will help you set up easily and be your anchor throughout our journey together. We understand the importance of your business and implement it according to your needs.

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How We Approach Marketing Hub Implementation

A detailed approach for all the marketing marvel techniques that are required depends on the specific organization goals. We are prepared to adjust and iterate according to changing market needs.

01 Assessment and Planning

Craft a strategic roadmap by clearly defining goals and objectives, providing a navigational guide.

  • Define Lifecycle Stages
  • Measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Funnel Stages
  • Resource Allocation

02 Cross-Functional Collaboration

Foster collaboration among diverse teams, ensuring a shared vision and commitment to the initiative.

  • Team Training
  • Campaign Creation
  • Collaborative Strategy Sessions
  • Set Incremental Goals

03 Tool Configuration

Evaluate the current marketing landscape with a discerning eye, tailoring the platform settings to match the unique organizational needs.

  • Custom properties
  • Custom objects
  • User Roles and Permissions
  • Automation Workflow Setup

04 Integration

Orchestrate the smooth transfer of pertinent data to Marketing Hub, harmonizing it with existing systems.

  • Data Assessment
  • Mapping Data Fields
  • Migration Execution
  • Integration Testing

05 Campaign Automation

An all-encompassing content strategy, tapping into the dynamic capabilities of Marketing Hub for campaign automation brilliance.

  • Emails, Chatbot, Post
  • Landing pages & forms
  • Workflow Design
  • Digital Campaign Creation

06 Quality Assurance

Empower teams with in-depth training sessions, arming them with the skills essential for navigating the Marketing Hub landscape.

  • Review Properties
  • Fix Formatting
  • Data Sync
  • Interactive Dashboard

07 Launch

Embark on the grand execution of the Marketing Hub implementation, meticulously monitoring the initial performance.

  • Strategic Rollout
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Iterative Optimization
  • Documentation
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"Go Inbound is an amazing resource for any enterprise-class organization looking to optimize their RevOps systems and strategy.

They have been a true, collaborative partner to our organization. "

Nicole Erickson

- Global Martech Director, Teamviewer